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Welcome to Kairos Kreative Ministries.

Kairos Kreative Ministries is a community-based creative arts ministry in Nashville, TN. We seek to restore the importance and purpose of this form of ministry by serving as consultants for churches and communities. The purpose of Kairos Kreative Ministries is threefold: to Share, to Develop & to Serve. Through liturgical dance, mime, and drama we will equip spiritual communities with the resources necessary to worship with the wisdom, technique, and boldness they desire. As ministers of the Word we wish to share the often unbeknownst biblical principles for ministry through creative arts thus educating, inspiring, and empowering others to use their gifts for the honor and glory of God. It is our desire to be a catalyst for building a greater sense of community among creative arts ministries.

Be Blessed,
Kairos Kreative Ministries Company Members.

Up Coming 2019 Events

Kairos Kreative Ministries Fall Workshop

November 8-9, 2019

Exodus Breaking Free
Workshop participants of ALL ages will experience:

  • Ministry Foundations: Foundational information for all creative arts ministries including ministry 101, effective ministry structure, and praise garments and their purpose
  • Modern, ballet, and mime technique
  • Exciting hip hop, modern, West African & mime choreography
  • Advance classes including: spiritual warfare through dance & restoring dance/mime as ministry
  • Much, MUCH more!

Turner Memorial Baptist Church
130 Watson Street Steelton, PA 17113

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Kairos Kreative Ministry Team

Our Services
Members of Kairos Kreative Ministries are available to minister for worship services, group events, special occasions, workshops, conferences and much more!

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